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Sheng Zhen Healing Stage 1, Moves 1-10

Sheng Zhen Healing in Three Stages (seated form)

Sheng Zhen Healing Practice is a restorative medical form that blends an ancient tradition and the power of Nature to heal oneself.  The gentle, meditative movements are performed seated on a chair.  There are 3 Stages of Sheng Zhen Healing Practice, and each stage has 10 movements. Stage 1 is for the purpose of gathering healing qi into the body. Stage 2 emphasizes the processing of healing qi in the body. Stage 3 allows healing qi to go deep into each cell of the body. 

Heaven Nature, Moves 1-5 

Heaven Nature Heart Mantra (standing form)

A gift from Kuan yin

Heaven Nature Contemplation gifts the practitioner with the experience of the sacredness of the body.  As the qi flows through the body, little by little, it does its work of opening the Heart, releasing blockages, and dissolving physical and emotional pain. Enjoy the graceful standing movements and see your body as a boat carrying you on a journey of discovering the meaning and joy of life.  Through Heaven Nature Practice, you can invite Love and qi to nourish the true self. As with all standing forms, the movements may be modified for sitting.

Heaven Nature, Moves 6-10 

Heart Mind As One, Complete form

Heart Mind As One (standing form)

All forms of Sheng Zhen Meditation help open the heart to experience the power of love, but each form has its own flavor.  Heart Mind as One, which is a standing form involving eleven movements/held positions and associated contemplations, cultivates inner peace and stillness.

The eleven movements of Heart Mind as One calm the disposition, harmonize the qi and bring balance to the body. Inner stillness brings you back to the original purity of the heart, and worries vanish.

Heart Spirit As One, Complete form

Heart Spirit As One (seated on floor form)

Heart Spirit as One consists of three movements/held positions, each with an associated contemplation.  It is practiced sitting on the floor--or on a chair or even a couch. Along with Sheng Zhen Healing Stage Two, it is the suggested fourth step when learning Sheng Zhen.

Despite the simplicity of this form, it is powerful.  It can quickly transport the practitioner into the stillness of the Sheng Zhen state and provide the felt experience that love is the underlying essence of all that is.  

Heaven Nature Video
Healing video
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