About me

I am a licensed massage therapist, registered Biodynamic Craniosacral therapist and certified Sheng Zhen Meditation teacher.

My journey into the healing arts began when my unconscious desire for a life shift was heard. I was led to massage therapy where I discovered my gift of intuitive and healing touch and soon after experienced the powerful healing of Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy . I immediately embarked upon the two and half year foundation training with Franklyn Sills, the leader in the field, and have completed numerous post graduate courses.  My journey into this sublime healing technique only continues to grow, and I am awed by its depth and results.

To broaden my massage practice, I have completed intensive training in Integrated Manual therapy and Orthopedic Massage with James Waslaski. This results-oriented program focuses on realigning joints through myofascial techniques and capsular release and is an immensely powerful complement to traditional massage.

My underlying support for all these therapies is my daily practice and instruction of Sheng Zhen - Meditation in Motion and Stillness, a beautiful form of energy cultivation which opens the heart and removes barriers, allowing a recognition of connection with ourselves and others.  It is a gentle moving and non-moving practice that reveals the joy of life itself. 

I have developed a keen awareness of physical and energetic blockages in the body and have a toolbox of experience to help you feel safe, heard and received.  We can work with one - or a combination - of these therapies to address issues relating to physical or emotional pain, trauma resolution or support through a difficult life situation. Maybe you would like to create a new path of healing for yourself and don't know where to begin.  We can start with physical conditions and, if it unfolds, further explore the deeper, underlying patterns to bring you more in connection with the language of your body.


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