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Biodynamic Craniosacral

When we are able to slow down and be more present in our bodies, the innate healing processes can begin to release deeply held tensions.  I listen with a gentle touch to support the ever present underlying health at work as it restores balance to the system.  As these tensions are released, a greater level of previously held energy is now available to support the normal functioning of the body.   You may experience the deepest sense of well-being during or after the session, with an ease of functioning in life that you didn't realize was missing.

Biodynamic craniosacral therapy can help with many issues including

impingement of cranial or spinal nerves, head injuries, confusion, feelings of compression or pressure, tinnitus, stress, anxiety, depression, circulatory disorders, organ dysfunctions, learning difficulties, digestive disorders, TMJ and trauma of all kinds - birth, falls, accidents and other injuries, physical, sexual or emotional abuse, loss/grief, surgery, anesthesia, PTSD, among others. 

For deeply held patterns of life experience, regular session work can be very effective, creating profound change. And for some people, craniosacral therapy becomes a normal part of regular self care as it can facilitate the resolution of imbalances within the system that could later lead to illness or injury.

A major benefit of regular session work is in the support of the nervous system which, when stressed by the pace of our daily lives and challenging life situations, gets stuck in sympathetic mode - often referred to as fight or flight, but can manifest as a freeze state where you feel overwhelmed and unable to get anything done. When we are subconsciously in this alert state and our system is unable to naturally return to its parasympathetic state - rest and digest, a constant flow of stress hormones are releasing into the body. Our system is now redirecting its available energy to support this alertness which leaves necessary systems, such as our immune system, depleted of energy to function normally.  It is now widely recognized that this imbalance creates an environment where disease can develop.  By supporting ourselves with craniosacral therapy, we can bring our whole being into a state of balance thereby retraining our systems to be able to move between the active and rest states of a healthy nervous system as needed. 

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