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Massage Therapies

Advanced Massage Therapy

You will receive an intuitive massage that addresses your specific areas of injury or discomfort, but also discovers unresolved and unknown tensions that can be the source of ongoing pain and discomfort.  You will leave with the deepest sense of well being, relaxation and sense of lightness, but also with an ease of motion due to the freeing up of fascially stuck patterns of movement.

Regular massage therapy can help with stress and anxiety reduction, sleep improvement, chronic pain, headaches, fatigue, muscle tightness and limited range of motion, recovery from surgery, blood pressure reduction, circulatory conditions and will speed up recovery from exercise.  If you are an athlete, a weekend warrior or love to exercise, massage therapy as maintenance is essential to keep your muscles functioning healthily and your joints in balance which will drastically reduce those annoying injuries that put us out of action.

Integrated Manual Therapy and Orthopedic Massage

In addition to regular massage therapy, I specialize in Integrated Manual Therapy and Orthopedic Massage, a fundamentally new corrective technique pioneered by James Waslaski that restores balance around joints, releases adhesions to free up nerves to glide, eliminates pain from injury, and enhances peak athletic performance. The work is gentle and pain free using myofascial release to return muscles to their normal resting length, joint capsule release techniques to relax and release adhesions that build up within the capsule, and an easy treatment protocol for minor muscle strains and ligament sprains to help realign scar tissue through eccentric movement. You will leave with an individual plan for keeping the joints in balance. For this therapy you will bring shorts and for women, a sports top that you can slide the straps off.  We usually focus on one or two areas at a time so you may need a couple of sessions to fully address the kinetic chain.  

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