Weekly Classes


4.00-5.00pm at The Angel Wing,  Ridgefield

Sheng Zhen Meditation in Motion and Stillness

In this weekly class we will learn various seated and standing forms, focusing on relaxing the body to a very deep level.  We will touch on the contemplations that accompany each move and learn how the movements reflect the natural motions of the body, bringing us back into balance physically, but also balancing our emotions, strengthening our immune systems, and opening our hearts.  


10.00-11.00am on ZOOM

Heaven Nature Heart Mantra (standing form)

We have been learning each move in detail and are now at the point of practicing the form in its entirety to fully experience how doing the moves in order build the qi and bring us into balance.  In addition to this form we will be learning how to deepen into the Union of Three Hearts seated meditation.  And I will introduce new moves from other forms so we can practice the benefits of deepening into just one move which is also extremely powerful.

Please feel free to join at any time.


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